The winning design of the monument ©FIAS

A new monument dedicated to the founders of sambo will be unveiled on November 16, it has been announced.

Dedicated to Victor Spiridonov, Vasily Oshchepkov and Anatol Kharlampiev, the monument is set to be placed at the Luzhniki Sports Complex in Moscow.

November 16 has been chosen as this is the day when the Russian martial art celebrates its formation.

Sambo was registered as a sports discipline in the Soviet Union on November 16, 1938.

"Now the issues of technical installation of the monument are being resolved," said Sergey Eliseev, the President of the All-Russian Sambo Federation and a vice-president of the International Sambo Federation.

A competition was previously held to decide on the design of the monument.

In July 2019, it was announced that an entry from Salavat Shcherbakov, entitled "Sambo – the Science to Win", had been chosen as the winner.

One side of his design is devoted to the founding of sambo in the Soviet Union in 1938.

Sambo celebrated recognition as a sport in 1938 ©Getty Images
Sambo celebrated recognition as a sport in 1938 ©Getty Images

It includes sculptural portraits of Spiridonov, Oshchepkov and Kharlampiev.

The other side of the composition is decorated with a relief sculpture, depicting warriors in attack, and a portrait of the honoured master of sports and honoured coach of the Soviet Union, Yevgeny Chumakov.

In the centre, there is a sculptural composition of athletes fighting.

The decision to install the monument was made at a meeting of the Commission on Monumental Art at the Moscow City Duma in 2018.

It is hoped the monument will become a meeting place for people from the sambo community, as well as a recreational setting for the wider public.