Taekwondo Canada has started to witness a return to training ©Taekwondo Canada

Taekwondo clubs across Canada are now returning to a form of normality amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as athletes return to training with health and safety measures in place.

Precautions include social distancing where possible and the use of sanitiser stations.

Videos released by Taekwondo Canada show youngsters practicing within marked out squares for warm-ups, and adults practicing kicks with kick pads.

The governing body has also asked clubs and individuals to submit videos of themselves training under the new measures, with some of the best due to be used in upcoming Taekwondo Canada videos.

It has requested that the videos are of a high quality and steady, with the names of the participants also featuring.

Written consent is needed from all participants, including the entrant, to allow Taekwondo Canada to use the videos for public distribution.

In July, Taekwondo Canada decided against registering any of its athletes for the World Junior Championships due to the threat of COVID-19.

The event was then cancelled last month, around 10 weeks before it was due to begin in Sofia.

In May, Taekwondo Canada looked into creating a return to training working group, for when the virus was manageable alongside sport.