Andy Lapthorne has ended his 2020 season early due to focus on his mental health ©Getty Images

Britain's quad wheelchair tennis player Andy Lapthorne has decided to play in no more tournaments this season to focus on his mental health.

The 30-year-old, who has won two Grand Slam quad singles titles and nine doubles titles, earlier this month announced that he was to take some tome out for personal reasons, having struggled in the wake of family bereavements and illness.

In a post on Twitter yesterday, Lapthorne suggested that he could make a return at the Australian Open in early 2021, but also stressed that there would be "no promises" on when he would be back on court.

"I have decided my season is over and I will not be playing anymore events this year including the Tour Finals," Lapthorne wrote.

"Having met with my doctor today it's clear I'm not going to be able to compete for a while.

"Some honesty from me... I've really struggled mentally over the last nine months or so and gradually got worse.

"Having massive sudden lows out of nowhere and having constant lack of energy to do anything has been horrendous.

"My anxiety levels have reached a stage when I'm competing where it's unbearable and impossible to compete the way I always have.

"Much of the time I feel fine and will be laughing and joking and then I get hit by another wave of negative feeling and lack of self worth, it's so hard to explain why or where it comes from.

"I'm hoping that with the help of some experts I can get back to feeling like myself again and my aim is to make it to the Australian Open, but no promises, I'm sad right now but I'll be back.

Lapthorne has won five doubles titles at the Australian Open, most recently in 2017.

At the French Open earlier this month, Lapthorne was runner-up in both the quad singles and doubles contests.

"I now understand what others have gone through and I hope this gives more men the confidence to talk to someone", he added.

"Hiding it and telling yourself to man up only leads you down a dark road that I now feel trapped in.

"I'll still be talking nonsense about football but in the background working hard on myself and my head to get back to being happy and confident.

"Thanks for all the love and support, I really wasn't expecting it."

Lapthorne could compete at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics next year too.

The Briton won singles silver and doubles bronze at Rio 2016, having won doubles silver at London 2012.