Virtus is set to host its first Americas Games in 2022 ©Virtus

Intellectual disability sports organisation Virtus is set to host its inaugural Americas Regional Games in 2022 in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

The multi-sport event, due to be hosted by the Brazilian Confederation of Sports for the Intellectual Disabled (CBDI), is set to take place at the Brazilian Paralympic Training Centre from September 18 to 23 2022.

There are 16 member nations in the Americas region who will be able to compete at the Games and Virtus hope the creation of the competition will increase its membership.

The competition schedule will encompass three Virus eligibility groups.

These are II1, for athletes with an intellectual disability; II2, for athletes with a significant additional impairment; and II3, a trial group for athletes with autism who are not eligible in II1.

Athletics, basketball, futsal, table tennis, taekwondo and swimming have been confirmed as part of the sports programme, while further demonstration events may be added in the coming months.

The Brazilian Paralympic Centre is set to host the Virtus Americas Games ©Virtus
The Brazilian Paralympic Centre is set to host the Virtus Americas Games ©Virtus

"I am looking forward to seeing a celebration of sport come together in the cultural and vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil," said Virtus President Marc Truffaut.

"Through sport, Virtus and its athletes are changing attitudes, challenging perceptions and strengthening communities locally and globally."

The event is set to be the third Virtus Regional Games held in 2022, following the announcement of the Europe and Oceania/Asia Games on the calendar.

The European Games is set to take place in Kraków in Poland and the Oceania/Asia Games are set to take place in Brisbane in Australia.

The Brazilian Paralympic Training Centre features indoor and outdoor sports facilities, as well as accommodation for 280 people in its residential area.

"This event will contribute to the nation's goal to help massify Paralympic sport in Brazil and help in the inclusion of people with disabilities in our society," said CBDI President Adilson Pereira Ramos.

"Our vision for this event is to shine light on athletes from every part of the Americas region, where even a young man or woman, from a small town, can become a national athlete on a world stage."