Paris 2024 is seeking companies to join its official licensing programme ©Getty Images

Paris 2024 has begun publishing calls for interest as part of its official licensing programme for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

According to License Global, Paris 2024 will seek around 60 companies to develop products for the Games.

Companies are expected to be both national and international.

Around 10,000 licenced products will be produced for the Games.

Paris 2024 chief commercial officer Marlène Masure said organisers were seeking expertise to help support the creation of products for the Games.

"With four billion viewers, 13.5 million tickets sold and 50,000 volunteers, millions of us will share the experiences and emotions of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024, whether in the stadiums or at home with family and friends," Masure said, according to License Global.

"But we must start working now to create lasting memories of the Games, particularly through the objects that we will want to give and share with others - and we need to harness all kinds of expertise to do so."

Paris 2024 is seeking to develop a range of products prior to the Olympic and Paralympic Games ©Getty Images
Paris 2024 is seeking to develop a range of products prior to the Olympic and Paralympic Games ©Getty Images

Organisers are expected to encourage companies to commit to reducing their carbon impact as part of sustainability efforts.

Companies will reportedly be asked to help develop the circular economy, support the disability sector and aid long-term unemployed people to return to work.

The companies will be asked to highlight their efforts to benefit their local area and work with companies from the social and solidarity economy.

Among the tenders currently listed are ones for companies working in developing pins, travel luggage and stationary.

A plush tender is also open, which will likely see the selected company work on producing mascot toys for the Games.

Accessories, clothing, games, electronics and eyewear contracts are set to be pursued by organisers in the coming months.

Tenders can be accessed here.